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Inspection Services

Qualitex has an ISO 17025 Accredited Lab that performs FAI's, Capability studies, Gage R&R's, CPK, PPAP and Part Sorting on a daily basis. 

First Article Inspections (FAI's)

First article inspections are one of the key elements to launching your parts into production. Qualitex has you covered when it comes to your FAI's, with over 30 years experience!

Gage R&R's

Having accurate and repeatable processes, including CMM Programs, Gages and Inspection Equipment is vital in your manufacturing process. Let Qualitex work with you to prove out processes and perform Gage R&R's.

Capability Studies

Process capability is something we assist customers with everyday. Ensure your critical dimensions are manageable with your current process.

Part Sorting

Have a batch of parts you need sorted? Qualitex can work with you using custom made Gages or inspection with CMM's, Comparator, Mics, Calipers & Gage Pins to assist in sorting parts.


What Our Clients Say

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Sara, Quality Manager

"Qualitex worked with us on launching some new parts into production by doing FAI's, Gage R&R's and Capability studies. They exceeded expectations on lead-time and the data was reliable to submit our PPAP
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